Know What A Collectable Coin Is Worth Be sure to check the website above for more info on rare coins. For lots of people collecting coins is simply some sort of hobby. …

Morgan Silver Dollars are an excellent way to own a piece of history, while concurrently investing in the physical precious metal silver. Morgan Silver Dolla…

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  1. @Oaklandraiders126 They’re an addiction lol but I still like Perth Mint
    bullion coins the best!

  2. I have two of these in real good condition. One from 1879 and one from 1886
    But they dont have mint marks. Any idea why?

  3. Not all have mint marks. Check out Red Book Coins on Amazon or local
    bookstore. It’s a bible of coin info and well worth the few bucks! Thanks
    for watching and have a great day! Please feel free to sub and enjoy my
    other coin and bullion videos too!

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