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  1. it is like a mis printed bill or folded and printed bill. they are worth
    money, but not as much as you are dreaming.

  2. Mr.Alan Hager of Accugrade is the one who invented of slabbing coin and
    professional expert. Slabbing/certifying coin start on 1984 by Accugrade
    follows by PCGS 1986,1987 NGC.., PCGS pay 100 Thousand US $ for the
    expertised and patent of Accugrade Mr. Alan Hager.

  3. @spliffslayer Coin Fact Encyclopedia/Errors:DOUBLE DENOMINATION ERRORS One
    of the most expensive, popular, and desired types of errors are the double
    denominations. This error happens when a coin is struck on a previously
    struck coin of another denomination. Examples are a cent on a struck dime,
    and a nickel on a struck cent. The most dramatic are those with
    considerable design visible from the original strike.

  4. @sietevicio Thank You, Yes it is a Legitimate Error certified in Public at
    Baltimore Coin Show in Maryland on March 2000. Too many people see it.Now
    the Big Question here some new collector who interested of buying these
    Unique 11c coin wanted me to re-certified in their trusted TPG. Due to
    historical events happened I will stick and hold this coin in same holder
    because the one who certified it a well known grader and professional
    experts & inventor (slab coins/Cards)Mr. Alan Hager

  5. @spliffslayer Dear edwinrd117, Hello, this seems like a good value, but
    would you accept $7 million? This offer received on my eBay item number
    120839062433 Jan. 12 2012 9:10 AM EST.

  6. oh i like it ,very interesting…though i am sure i got better,of value.let
    me know when you put it on ebay.

  7. I would get that slabbed my NGC or PCGS if I was you. Because even if it’s
    in that holder no one will take u serious with the holder

  8. When it comes to a reputable grading service such as PCGS or NGC the prices
    are likely to rise vs the prices you are getting now 

  9. You do realize if anyone would pay more than 25 grand for this they would
    be counted as broken in the head. But as for the grading it doesn’t
    actually matter about that. PCGS and NGC is looked at above the original
    guy. It’s only about PCGS and NGC nothing else

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