4 Comments on “Numis Network – How Much is Your GOLD Really Worth?”

  1. Very interesting that I took my numis 2009 silver eagle graded by anacs to
    4 expert appraisers and all 4 laughed at me. Not one said they where worth
    more then 20-30 bucks retail, 1 said he wouldn’t even take one into his
    inventory, one said he would NEVER use anacs as a grader. All 4 said only
    pcg or ncgs ONLY and that even those the would be thrilled to get $60 bucks
    for. I wasn’t trying to sell either, I am a senior consultant for a
    precious metals firm-these guys were associates.

  2. @bullionboss so you are a member of Numis Network? I highly doubt that…as
    if you were you would know Numis Network is a way to accumulate Gold and
    Silver for Free…I have no interest in selling my coins to Coin
    Dealers…(obvious competition) what would you expect them to tell
    you…you got a good deal? did you tell them many people in Numis get their
    silver coins on auto-ship every month for free?

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